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An outdoor installation by PichiAvo

RENEGADES is an exciting new commission with renowned Spanish urban artists PichiAvo. The commission consists of three outdoor, free-standing portraits, each depicting a woman from ancient Greek history or mythology. 


RENEGADES pays homage to three women who were, in their own way, renegades. Women who broke away from the traditional roles associated with women of the time and made an indelible mark on history. 

RENEGADES is a permanent exhibition and is currently located in the Hellenic Museum's forecourt. 


The Gorgon

With her serpent hair, Medusa is an instantly recognisable figure. Possibly one of the most maligned characters in Greek mythology, a close look at her story reveals a nuanced and complex character who suffered at the hands of both men and women and ultimately became the archetypal femme fatale.



The Amazon

Long believed to be a myth, Amazons were a tribe of warrior women who were the archenemies of the ancient Greeks. Ancient accounts describe them as fierce and fearless in battle, a stark contrast to the cloistered and dependent Greek women. Hippolyta, an Amazonian queen, figures predominantly in the stories of Herakles and Theseus, both of which end with her death.



The Courtesan

Phryne, an Athenian courtesan notable for her intelligence and wit was a desired and sought after companion amongst some of the most fêted intellects of all time. A self-made woman, she became so rich that she offered to pay for the rebuilding of the walls of Thebes, which were destroyed by Alexander the Great in 335 BCE. The city patriarchs refused her offer, leaving the walls in ruins.


This installation was made possible with the generous support of the Apostolides Family.