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A Curated VR Experience

Together with Lithodomos, the Hellenic Museum presents a new audio-visual tour guide for the Gods, Myths & Mortals and Flame of Olympia exhibitions. 

The digital experience explores the long and rich history and culture of Greece. Discover the genesis of Greek identity from antiquity to now over 15 stops, from the Gods, Myths & Mortals exhibition to Flame of Olympia, where we look at the Olympic Games from their ancient origins to today. 

The two exhibitions provide a holistic experience of ancient Greek culture and history, and the contribution it has made, and continues to make, to society today.

The tour guide is inclusive with admission to the Hellenic Museum and access is provided via a QR code. 


1. Santorini (21st century Greece)

2. Palaestra (150 CE)

3. The sunset view from the Cape (250 BCE)

4. Before the statue of Athena (100 CE)

5. Close to the Spina (100 CE)

6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre (820 CE)

7. Dock of San Marco Square (1572 CE)

8. In front of the Colossus (250 CE)

9. Monastiraki Square (21st century)

10. East of the Parthenon (100 CE)

11. Panathenaic Stadium, Athens 

12. Olympiastadoin, Berlin (1936)

13. MCG, Melbourne (1956)

14. Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing (2008)

15. National Stadium, Tokyo (2020)

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