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Explore a common thread of Hellenic influence in this contemporary exhibition of five Australian artists.

In an intimate new gallery in the heart of the Hellenic Museum, an unconventional exhibition invites you to consider Hellenism's universality. 

Works from five contemporary artists – Ann Debono, Rob McLeish, Stephen Benwell, Grace Wood and Ngilan Margaret Dodd – have been thoughtfully curated to show that Hellenic influence can appear in even the most unexpected of places.

Viewed in isolation, many of these works may not evoke Classical influence. But place them together in the heart of the Hellenic Museum and you cannot help but observe their binding thread of Hellenic motifs and principles.

From this unorthodox tango between curatorial vision and artistic intent, emerges a dialogue about the ways in which Greek classicism continues to permeate and evolve in contemporary culture.

The Sun at Midnight opens 30 September until early 2023. The exhibition has been developed by Adam Stone, founder-director of LON Gallery in collaboration with the Hellenic Museum.

About the Artists


Ann Debono (born 1989) is a painter living and working in Melbourne. She graduated from VCA Honours in Fine Art in 2015.

Ann's paintings attempt to image imaging. She uses her own photographs and found images as sources for her collage-like paintings. In her work, the tangible, present, 'real' world is always opening upon a spectral field of absence: the past and the future. For the artist, the material world, touched and seen, is a palimpsest of temporalities that are all showing through one another. 

Ann has a longstanding personal interest in ancient history and culture, with motifs often emerging in her practice. Greco-Roman images provide poignant touchstones for her enquiries into the psychological zones of the past and future.

Ann recently completed a residency at The British School at Rome as the inaugural recipient of the Cranbourne Fellowship. She was a resident at Gertrude Contemporary between 2019–2021. Ann's solo presentations include:

  • Sieve See, Gertrude Glasshouse, 2022

  • Diachronic, Sutton Gallery, 2020

  • Crease and Increase, Melbourne Art Fair, 2019

  • Awled, Sutton Projects, 2017

  • Dehiscence, KINGS ARI, 2016

  • Upaithric, CAVES Gallery, 2015

Ann Debono appears courtesy of Sutton Gallery.

This exhibition has been developed by Adam Stone, founder-director of LON Gallery in collaboration with the Hellenic Museum.